Welcome to the land of opulence.

Just as glamorous as you think, cruising through Monte Carlo itself is more than an aspirational experience due to the allure of its natural beauty and man-made grandeur.

To remind you about those old, winding streets filled with the super-richs, and lavish multimillion-dollar yachts anchored on the idyllic Port Hercule, almost every piece from our living room collection is coated in deluxe veneer color and faux shagreen, before beautifully finished with leather, hardware brass and sometimes even bone knobs.

All create a color palette that perfectly depicts the panorama view of Monaco in summer days from one of those luxurious Mediterranean cruises.

The classic wooden, warm and velvet notes do not only bring a quintessential but not overwhelming look, but also can flexibly transform your room in order to support different needs: a social space, a relaxing space, or even a meditation space.