Wondering what could legendary venues look like in their heyday?

Our design team were asking each other that question while working on the latest Dominique Moal Design collection, which aims to establish a ‘camp’ yet intimate environment for you to share the best moments in life with your favourite people.

Studio 54 was nothing more than a shadow of its former self, and stood as a symbol of the extravagant and emblematic hot spot of 70s nightlife. From that inspiration, we decided to tell “one of those stories that everyone thinks they know but they don’t really know”.

Revitalizing personal space with a top-notch after-dark aesthetics was an interesting challenge and we understood that we must go further than either safely nostalgic or ubiquitous concept of experiential design. We prefer to put it, with some humor, as “the elites’s ways to brag about their imaginary expeditions”.

Safari twin low chair in full grain leather, shining metal frames in black and gold, wild ovangkol veneer, mirror for days, exotic vanity in pink, each piece is rich in storytelling as if it has been sit on by Andy Warhol or touched by Diana Ross - a look that transports interesting guests to a realm of boundless freedom.